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Website Evaluations

Your business's website should be:
  • a vital and integral part of your business
  • an essential part of your marketing and PR plan as well as your business growth plan
  • a vital element of your communications strategy to keep you in touch with your clients and potential clients, investors, suppliers and other partners
  • pulling its weight in terms of growing your business by effectively representing your business and its services and products when no-one is there to answer the phones
  • delivering for your clients and other stakeholders
We can help you review your business website to identify how it is doing these things and where it's not, develop changes and strategies to achieve your business goals.

Because we don't develop websites, our advice is completely independent and objective and focused on your business's needs and not a developer's view of your business.

We offer the following, as a guide:
  • review of an existing website to evaluate effectiveness and develop a plan and strategy to move forward
  • for businesses - a review of a development plan/proposal to give you assurance it will deliver what you need for your business
  • for developers - a review of a development plan/proposal before it goes to your client to give you independent and objective feedback about how your proposal meets your client's needs
  • review of a newly created website to ensure that you have been given what your development proposal asked for
  • evaluations and reports in situations of dispute between parties regarding whether what was proposed is what was delivered
Our independence and objectivity - just like in a financial audit - give all parties a greater level of assurance, comfort and confidence in moving forward.

Give us a call or send us an email today to see how we can help you make your business website a more effective and productive part of your business.
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