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Australian SMSF Auditors

SMSF Audits for your Clients

Quality, independent, reliable, consistent and professional audit assignments that will meet the high standards you set for all work for all your clients.

We provide SMSF auditing services for accountants, tax agents, financial planners, fund administrators and any other professionals supporting clients with their SMSF, regardless of where in Australia they are located.

Will your existing auditing arrangements meet the APES 110 requirements for auditor independence?

Or, the SMSF Auditor registration requirements to meet the APES 110 independence expectation?

Will your clients accept your current arrangements as being truly independent and in their best interest?

Take steps now and engage a truly independent auditor so we can develop our partnership in delivering quality outcomes through true value adding to your clients.

You need to be aware that all the professional accounting bodies have made it clear that auditor independence is paramount. If you've been preparing the accounting and tax and audit work for your clients, you are running the risk of being caught out - and your clients will be the ones to suffer.

The Tax Office has made it clear that they will be giving much greater emphasis to checking on SMSF auditor independence. They are also targeting those who do only a small number of SMSF audits in any year; and can you be sure that your SMSF auditor is keeping up the required professional development hours to be approved as a SMSF auditor?

Neither the Tax Office nor the accounting bodies are looking favourably on reciprocal auditing arrangements because of the risk it poses to true SMSF auditor independence.

We Have The Solution

We are a boutique, specialist SMSF audit practice - truly independent, objective and impartial.

You can be assured that we meet all the competency requirements for SMSF auditing set down by the Australian accounting and SMSF professional bodies and the Tax Office and ASIC.

You and your clients will receive a real and thorough audit conducted by highly skilled professionals.

You can be proactive - promote the independence of your SMSF audit arrangements as showing confidence in your work and providing greater assurance for your SMSF trustees.

You will never lose your clients to us. SMSF auditing is all we do! We will never take your clients from you.

Our fees are competitive and represent value for money.

We will add value to your partnership with your SMSF clients by providing the highest quality of audit work - including providing meaningful feedback on compliance and financial reporting findings. Value will be added through being able to provide your clients with the comfort, assurance and peace of mind that their audit is truly independent and of the highest quality.

Unless mandated otherwise, we arrange all client contact through you. They are your client and you develop and maintain the relationship with them. We will support you in making that a quality relationship.

We devote time and resources to maintain our competencies so you can be confident in our abilities and the audit outcomes we deliver. And confident that you will receive quality, independent, reliable, consistent and professional services from us at all times.

Our professional qualifications, competencies and experience mean you can give your clients complete assurance of an independent and high quality audit of their SMSF. This simply adds value to the services you can provide your clients.

We also offer you access to independent advice and research. We will also develop and deliver training for your staff or seminar presentations for your clients at your request.

All our work is done in Australia and our data held in secure sites - where data privacy, confidentiality and security are maintained to Australian standards.

Give us a call or send us an email today to start the journey to an meaningful and effective partnership which adds value through confidence and assurance to you and your clients.

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