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Project Management Support and Consulting

We have many years of project management experience - including not only in project management roles but also in project governance.

Make the most of our experience in large and small, business and Information Technology projects to support your own project managers or project management committee to achieve the intended outcomes from your project.

We offer the following, and this is only a guide:
  • joining your project management steering committee/board
  • mentoring your project manager during the project
  • review of project plans at any and all stages of the project including budgets and expenditure plans
  • evaluating project management reports by external project managers/operators to provide an independent opinion/insight
  • consulting in areas of project governance and reporting
  • a short term or ongoing review of the progress of your project
  • consulting or mentoring on possible mediation strategies for projects going off track, running late or going over budget
  • project expenditure reviews and/or audits
Our independence and objectivity - just like in a financial audit - give all parties a greater level of assurance, comfort and confidence in moving forward.

Give us a call or send us an email to see how we can help you ensure your business projects deliver effective and productive results for your business. And, how we can help you ensure effective financial management of your projects, or those of your clients.
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